Reimagine your trip to the dentist.

We are a confident, passionate, and highly skilled team who gives back to our coastal community and delivers care that achieves and maintains healthy smiles in a calm and inviting environment.

Our Services

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Dental Exam

A comprehensive wellness visit with a comfortable cleaning, x-rays, and a personalized exam.

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Our team understands that dental emergencies don’t run on a schedule. When problems arise, we will make time for you and focus on getting you out of pain as quickly as possible.

icon invisalign

Invisalign gently moves teeth into an ideal position using removable and discreet clear aligners. No metal brackets needed!

A safe place to relax.

Our vision for this practice was to create a calm, welcoming sanctuary for dental wellness. Once a ship is dwelling in its harbor, they are essentially being cared for and watched over. We wanted to embody this inviting, gentle, and secure approach in every aspect of our patient care process.

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